From Local Insight to Global Impact

CyberSentience was founded by Tom Crisp, who holds extensive experience in operational security across a myriad of verticals. Tom realized a glaring vulnerability in the cybersecurity landscape—the absence of visibility beyond the network perimeter. Determined to fill this gap, he leveraged his background in combatting global cybercrime operations and merged it with state-of-the-art intelligence tooling to create CyberSentience, a sanctuary for threat intelligence professionals and researchers.

Specializing in Cyber Intelligence

We are specialists in cyber intelligence services, providing unparalleled situational awareness beyond your network's boundaries. By monitoring underground sources at scale, we enable rapid detection and response to threat actors trading in stolen data, network access, credentials, and compromised assets.

Impacting Industry and Public Sectors

Our R&D programs are designed to produce incisive reports that delve into the complexities of cybersecurity ecosystems, relevant not just to New Zealand but to industry and public sectors globally. In strategic partnership with governmental cyagencies, CyberSentience actively dismantles malicious digital infrastructure.

Our operations have successfully eradicated over 1 million malware infections across 180 countries. Leveraging this international expertise, we conduct point-in-time threat hunting exercises aimed at auditing deep web vulnerabilities and eliminating network threat actors. These exercises benefit from our connections with government agencies around the globe, ensuring that our strategies and solutions are universally applicable and responsive to global cybersecurity challenges.

Threat Hunting and Mitigation

Utilizing our specialized skill set, we also offer point-in-time threat hunting exercises. These initiatives are designed to audit your deep web exposure and purge your network of any lurking threat actors, providing a holistic approach to cybersecurity that few can match.

The Road Ahead

The initial vision of creating a platform for actionable cyber intelligence has blossomed into a multi-faceted operation with global reach. And this is just the beginning. As we continue to evolve, our focus remains on staying ahead of emerging threats, expanding our portfolio of services, and fortifying our status as leaders in actionable cyber intelligence.

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