The Imperative of Threat Hunting in Cybersecurity

Automated cybersecurity solutions may ward off 80% of common threats, but it's the elusive 20%—often comprising advanced, stealthy cyber-attacks—that can be devastating. These hidden threats can infiltrate your network undetected for an alarming average of 280 days, costing enterprises almost $4 million per data breach. Here at CyberSentience, we understand the gravity of these threats. Our Threat Hunting Service drastically cuts down the time between intrusion and detection, minimizing both financial and reputational damage for your organization.

The mechanics of our Threat Hunting Service

Successful threat hunting is reliant on 'Data Fertility,' a state where your enterprise security system is already collecting invaluable data. Our experts at CyberSentience comb through this wealth of data, acting as the human elements that complement your automated defences. Our team members are not just analysts; they are adept at pre-emptively identifying, logging, and neutralizing sophisticated threats before they escalate into critical issues.

Exploring Unknowns: 
The Art and Science of Threat Hunting

Unlike conventional security measures like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), CyberSentience’s threat hunting dives deep into your data to unearth what might have been missed. We find the hidden malware, track down stealthy attackers, and identify suspicious patterns of activities that can be the precursors of a significant breach.

Modes of threat hunting at CyberSentience

Structured Hunting:

We follow established Indicators of Attacks (IoAs) and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to proactively identify and neutralize threat actors before they inflict damage.

Unstructured Hunting:

Our experts initiate hunts based on unique triggers or indicators of compromise, examining patterns to diagnose both pre- and post-detection anomalies.

Situational Hunting:

Guided by internal risk assessments or global trends, our team conducts targeted hunts for behaviours specific to current cybersecurity threats.

The Synergy Between Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence

While threat intelligence offers data sets collected through AI and machine learning, CyberSentience’s threat hunting takes the next step. We use this intelligence as the springboard for comprehensive, system-wide searches for malevolent actors. The result? An unparalleled level of security assurance for your enterprise.

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